About the Knowledge section

The Knowledge section of your profile is all about your educational background and your skills.

Education: This is where you can add any formal education you've received. There are options for degrees, certificates, bootcamps, trade schools, and more, so feel free to add even the smaller snippets of your educational background.

Each entry you make to the Education field has two parts: an education type and a description. Descriptions should be short – for example, you can include the name of your high school, the type of degree earned, or the title of the course you took.

Skills: This is a list of the skills you are learning, doing, and teaching. We use this model to make it easy for employers to specify the skill level required in the job opening, rather than rely on years of experience.

Each entry you make to the Skills field has two parts: a skill name and a skill level. Select the skill level that best matches your experience:

I can do it with guidance: This is great for skills you are learning, particularly if you are making a career change or entering the job market for the first time. You may need help occasionally because you are still building enough experience to complete tasks independently.

I can do it independently: This skill level is for skills you are comfortable exercising without guidance. Typically, this means a team lead can give you a task without detailed steps, and you can complete it independently.

I can teach it to others: If you have experience teaching a skill to other people, select this skill level. This is ideal for people who have mentorship or training experience.

When you are adding a skill to either a profile or a job posting, we encourage you to select existing skills through the autocomplete field whenever possible. This improves our ability to recommend jobs or candidates to you, respectively.

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