About the Career section

The Career section of your profile is all about your career goals and what an ideal day at work would be like. Let's peer into the future!

Career goals: Share a bit about your career goals here. Maybe it's a skill you'd like to master, a type of work you'd like to be doing, or a quality of life you'd like to reach. They don't even have to be related to your work – you can describe how your career could help you reach your life goals, for example.

Workday: Imagine an ideal day at work, and describe it. What are you doing? Who are you working with? Where are you working? What you write is completely up to you – it helps employers visualize you on their teams and even craft the job opportunity to fit more of what you're looking for.

When you are viewing a job posting, these fields are slightly different:

Job description: This is a description of the key activities in the job. Employers should focus on the activities that take up most of the time (we're partial to the 80/20 rule ourselves) and leave out the odds and ends.

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