About the Mission section

The Mission section of your profile is all about your personal mission and what motivates you to pursue it.

My mission: Here, you can share your personal mission, purpose, or 'why'. It doesn't have to be work related! Joining a mission area helps signal where you'd like to make an impact, so feel free to expand on that here or share something else that drives you. Keep it short: one or two sentences is perfect as an introduction to your profile.

Why it matters to me: This field helps explain why your mission is important to you and how you discovered it. Consider your personal mission and write about why it resonates with you – telling a short story can have a big impact here.

When you are viewing a job posting, these fields are slightly different:

Our mission: Typically, this is the company mission. Employers are encouraged, however, to write this from the team's perspective – describing the team's role as part of the overall mission.

Why it matters to us: This gives employers the opportunity to share why their work is important, and it lays the groundwork to align candidates and employers around shared purpose.

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