About the Total Rewards section

The Total Rewards section of your profile is all about the level of pay and benefits required for you to support yourself and your family.

Salary: This is the salary level you are targeting. 

Time Off: This is the number of weeks of paid time off you are looking for. An unlimited paid time off plan typically means you can take time off when you need to as long as it is reasonable and doesn't impact your job performance. 

Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Vision Insurance: This is the level of insurance benefit provided by the employer. Many employers will help cover the cost of insurance or otherwise provide the option to purchase it. One consideration to keep in mind is that if you are covered under a parent's or spouse's insurance, selecting No preference may provide additional job opportunities.

Retirement Plan: This covers whether the employer offers a retirement plan or not. Some employers also include a matching contribution that you can specify here.

Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave: This is the amount of paid maternity leave and paternity level provided by the employer for new parents. You can specify different amounts of paid leave for each parent as applicable.

When you are viewing a job posting, these fields reflect the pay and benefits that the employer provides.

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